How Much Are BB Guns


As an avid BB gun shooter and collector, I know that finding the perfect BB gun is no easy task. With countless models on the market, it’s essential to understand the different types of BB guns, their prices, and what sets them apart from one another. In this comprehensive article, my fellow enthusiasts and I will share our insights on the top 7 most popular BB guns, their prices, and their pros and cons. Our goal is to help you find the perfect BB gun for your needs, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned marksman.

I. Types of BB Guns and General Price Ranges

Spring-Powered BB Guns
Price Range: $20 – $100

CO2-Powered BB Guns
Price Range: $50 – $300

Pneumatic (Pump and Pre-Charged) BB Guns
Price Range: $50 – $500

II. Top 7 Most Popular BB Gun Models, Prices, and Reviews

Daisy Red Ryder (Spring-Powered)

Price: Around $40
The Daisy Red Ryder is an iconic and affordable choice, perfect for beginners and collectors alike. Its lever-action mechanism is easy to use, and its classic design has stood the test of time. However, its spring-powered nature limits its power and accuracy, and the fixed sights may prove challenging for some users.


Timeless design

Limited power and accuracy
Fixed sights

Umarex Glock 19 Gen 3 (CO2-Powered)

Price: Around $70 – $100
The officially licensed Umarex Glock 19 Gen 3 is a semi-automatic CO2-powered BB gun that closely replicates the popular Glock 19 pistol. Its blowback action adds a touch of realism, but the need for CO2 cartridges increases the cost of use. While it’s not the most accurate model available, it’s a solid choice for those seeking a realistic replica.


Realistic design
Blowback action

Requires CO2 cartridges
Not the most accurate

Crosman 1377 (Pneumatic)

Price: Around $60 – $80
The Crosman 1377 is a highly accurate and customizable pneumatic BB gun, making it perfect for target shooting. Its variable pump power allows users to adjust the shooting experience to their preferences. However, the manual pumping can be tiring for extended shooting sessions, and the lack of a magazine requires manual loading of each BB.


Accurate and powerful
Variable pump power

Manual pumping can be tiring
No magazine

Daisy Powerline 880 (Pneumatic)

Price: Around $50 – $70
The Daisy Powerline 880 is a versatile pneumatic BB gun suitable for both beginners and experienced shooters. It can fire both BBs and pellets, allowing users to choose their ammunition based on the shooting scenario. Its multi-pump mechanism offers variable power, but it can be tiring for long shooting sessions.


Shoots both BBs and pellets
Variable power
Great for beginners and experienced shooters

Pumping can be tiring
Not as accurate as some other pneumatic models

Umarex Steel Storm (CO2-Powered)

Price: Around $100 – $130
The Umarex Steel Storm is a CO2-powered BB gun that offers a thrilling shooting experience with its 6-shot burst firing mode. Its 30-round magazine ensures you’ll spend more time shooting and less time reloading. However, it requires two CO2 cartridges for optimal performance, which can increase the cost of use. Additionally, it’s not the most accurate option for serious target shooting.


6-shot burst firing mode
30-round magazine capacity
Exciting shooting experience

Requires two CO2 cartridges
Not the most accurate

Sig Sauer MPX (CO2-Powered)

Price: Around $180 – $220
The Sig Sauer MPX is a CO2-powered BB gun that closely replicates the real-life MPX submachine gun. It features a 30-round belt-fed magazine, semi-automatic firing mode, and a realistic blowback action. While it’s a bit more expensive than other models, its performance and realism make it a favorite among enthusiasts.


Realistic replica
Semi-automatic firing mode
30-round belt-fed magazine

Higher price point
Requires CO2 cartridges

Benjamin Marauder (Pre-Charged Pneumatic)

Price: Around $400 – $500
The Benjamin Marauder is a pre-charged pneumatic BB gun that offers exceptional accuracy and power, making it ideal for target shooting and small game hunting. It features a 10-shot magazine and an adjustable trigger, providing a customizable shooting experience. However, its higher price point and the need for additional equipment like air tanks and compressors may deter some potential buyers.


Highly accurate and powerful
10-shot magazine
Adjustable trigger

Requires additional equipment.

III. Factors to Consider When Choosing a BB Gun

Purpose: Identify your primary goal, whether it’s casual plinking, target shooting, or hunting small game.
Budget: Determine how much you’re willing to spend and select a model that meets your budget and quality expectations.
Power Source: Choose between spring-powered, CO2-powered, and pneumatic BB guns based on your preferences and needs.
Accuracy and Power: If you prioritize target shooting or hunting, look for models with higher accuracy and power.
Ease of Use: Consider the ease of operation, especially for beginners. Spring-powered models are usually the simplest, while CO2 and pneumatic models may require additional equipment and maintenance.

IV. Tips for Buying a BB Gun

Research: Read reviews and compare models to find the perfect BB gun for your needs.
Test It Out: Visit a local airgun store or shooting range to try different models and find the best fit.
Check Local Laws: Familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations regarding BB gun ownership and use.
Safety First: Always prioritize safety when using a BB gun, including proper eye protection and gun handling techniques.
Invest in Accessories: Enhance your shooting experience with quality BBs, targets, and a carrying case to protect your investment.

With a wide range of BB guns available, finding the perfect model for your needs may seem daunting. By understanding the pros, cons, and prices of the top 7 most popular models, you can make an informed decision that suits your preferences and budget. Whether you’re a casual shooter or a serious marksman, there’s a BB gun out there for you. Just remember to prioritize safety, abide by local laws, and enjoy the thrilling world of BB gun shooting!

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